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Guiding and galvanizing people, organizations, businesses, industries and the community of nations to fulfill their higher purpose and legacy for humanity

Accelerating and amplifying your global impact

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The Dayako
Entelechy Agent

The Dayako • Donna Tsufura

Portrait by Francois Bonneau/

Entelechy  - fulfilling inherent potential

Entelechy Agent - One who catalyzes people, organizations, enterprises and events to their full entelechy.

The Dayako an Entelechy Agent for one's higher purpose and legacy for humanity.

Are you meant to make a huge difference for the world, but are stuck or uncertain how to move forward? 


Do you have visionary projects and initiatives that are lacking key partners and resources? 


Will you dare break free from standard linear 'rational' ways of thinking and operating  to multidimensional realms of  intention, intuition, serendipity, synchronicity, where the magic and miracles occur?

The Dayako is an Entelechy Agent who will empower you to move and accomplish with quantum velocity.

The Dayako:

-Listens deeply and discovers you newly

-Expands your skills and capacities in creating momentum

-Reveals resources vital to your success

-Networks you into an ecosystem of global change-makers

-Leverages existing opportunities and creates new ones

-Advocates for you and your commitments  - Your DAYAKO Ambassador to the World


"Donna Tsufura, the Dayako seems to know everyone who matters ... in New York, Washington, DC, and around the world.  Her network of trusted people are often high-end leaders in major and global institutions, such as the United Nations.... She has expanded our global outreach -- Washington DC ArchAngels has been able to support exciting young entrepreneurs from various regions of the world who we would never have otherwise known. This is why she has been on our Board for over three years — she is the supreme networker!" 

(Link to full testimonial)

Randall Reade

Executive Vice President

Washington DC ArchAngels

"Donna pushed me beyond where I didn’t want to go, and even though I didn’t like it, I did what she said and valued the results ... I had a breakdown in a very important partnership as I was conceptualizing the first 1M1B United Nations event in October 2015. I wanted to give up and push the event sometime into the future, but Donna didn’t let me do that and stood for the commitments I had made ... Donna is truly a gift! Thanks, Donna."

(Link to full testimonial)

Manav Subodh​

1M1B Co-Founder

"If it wasn’t for Donna Tsufura who had spotted me out from all the young global leaders of the Luce Foundation foundation and decided to hone my potential to its highest degree I wouldn’t be here today creating all the possibilities I get to create now. Thank you, Donna! My Dayako!"

(Link to full testimony)

Isaac Bayoh

First Permanent Youth Representative of the Republic of Sierra Leone to the United Nations 

Young Global Leader, James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation

Founder, Girl Optimization

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