The Dayako


WHO IS The Dayako:

Is a Strategist, Coach, Connector, Convener, Instigator, Disrupter, Creator, Guide, Counselor, Merlin, Alchemist - who resolutely stands for you to fulfill your promise and potential to make a difference for the world.

The Dayako serves your commitment and creates a customized process specific to you in fulfilling your passion, promise and purpose.


REQUIREMENTS of working with The Dayako:

1) A commitment to a purpose that serves the well-being of humanity.

2) Willingness to take big  risks.

3) Courage and Love.

PROCESS of working with The Dayako:

1) Have Trust/Faith in her to fulfill your Purpose and Legacy.

2) Provide the Information she requests - these are the building blocks for next steps

3) Follow Directions - take complete action with nothing left out

To explore consulting with the Dayako contact: - 646-765-5906

FACETS of The Dayako:


The Dayako's life experiences are The Gifts she brings to empowering you to fulfill your purpose. 


As a  member of Civil Society  and a Global Citizen she attends sessions at the United Nations and other public and private forums that address diverse social issues. 

     THE GIFT: Connections with world leaders, influencers and gamechangers, and to the people directly impacted by 

     global events and conditions. 


She backpacked around the World for a year travelling  through South America, Asia and Africa. She rode  the Trans-Siberian Railway, fished for char in the Arctic, slept in a Masai hut, witnessed sky burials in Tibet. 

    THE GIFT: Awareness of social and environmental conditions and profound connection to our universal humanity.


Her parents were incarcerated as children during World War II, when the U.S. government forcibly removed people of Japanese descent from their homes and imprisoned them in camps. 

     THE GIFT: Resolute commitment for civil and human rights for all people, and for justice to prevail.


She is a playwright and filmmaker and has worked at the Sundance Filmmaker and Theatre Labs, founded by Robert Redford. 

     THE GIFT: The power of storytelling and the arts, and the potency of clear direction.


She has been a photo editor for diverse publications including Sports Illustrated, TIME, LIFE, Entertainment Weekly, People, Audubon, Forbes, etc. working with world renowned photographers.

     THE GIFT: Insight to human drama, facility with the power of media, and connections to people and

     organizations globally.  


She attended Barnard College of Columbia University, a leading academic institution for women. Her ontological education includes programs at Landmark Worldwide. She has sought the teachings of thought leaders in spirituality and conscious evolution. 

     THE GIFT: Ongoing growth and development, diverse tools, new concepts and paths for expanding one's inherent

     capacities, pathways to wisdom.


These are some of The Dayako's experiences and The Gifts she shares to enrich and empower you in fulfilling your legacy for humanity.

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